October 2, 2014

The one where I re-do a lamp.. Twice!

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

I am going to try to post some mini-projects inbetween the big reveals on Mondays
Until I run out of things to post that is!

So way back when I first moved out on my own, I got some hand-me down items like most people do. One thing I got was my Grandma's brass lamp. Here is it's story of being redone not once, but twice!


Here is my lamp in its original state in my previous apartment.
It was its third home and it was finally time to freshen it up.

My old living room was red and black so I found some red spray paint and figured I had nothing to lose. A new shade, some pinterst-inspired ruffles, and some flowers and I was in love!

I loved that I did it myself. It was really my first home decor DIY redo.
so being that this was over 2 years ago and this blog no where in my thoughts, please excuse all the mess in the pictures!

So in our new place, I decided it was time to switch up the red living room, and opted for a gray and yellow scheme. So... you guessed it, the red lamp had to go!
I am still convincing The Boyfriend that yellow and gray are a very nice combination

So my lamp goes yellow!!

I sprayed it with some white spray paint I had on hand for another project because I knew the yellow wouldn't cover the red.

Then did 2 coats of yellow and I LOVE it!!

I decided to keep the black ruffle, since black goes with gray. And I might add a gray ruffle down the line. The red flowers are gone and I miss them so I am on the hunt for some nice yellow ones that are not sunflowers. So this is not the last you will see of my lamp.
Nothing against sunflowers, its just not the vision I have in my head :)

You can also see a little preview of my living room here which will be revealed soon so make sure to stop by again :)
can't wait to re-do those chairs!

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