November 17, 2014

The one about re-doing my Mom's Bedroom

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Earlier this year when I asked my mom what she wanted for her birthday she asked me to help her re-do her bedroom!

How fun!!! I got super excited and we started brainstorming. 

On her wish-list:

~She wanted a new headboard.
Her dressers were still in great condition (and they are older than me!) but her bedframe was cracked and scratched from the dog and needed to go.

~She wanted to paint
No idea what color at this point but the walls hadn't been painted since she moved in 17 years ago!!!!

~She wanted new curtains and a new bedspread
easy enough

We had a $500 budget 
(and ended up going slightly over not counting the new mattress set)

We chose an aqua and coral color pallet (after many other options were discussed) 
and went to work

Say hi to Salem (in the back) and Frank (the fluffy one in the front) 2 of moms 4 furbabies. 

During the process, mom also decided to downgrade from her queen bed to a double. This gave us more space and made the room feel bigger.

Note the 3 nails - There are 3 custom canvas pieces we are creating to go in that space. Along with some other art pieces for the wall. Those will come in another post 
(when we finish them)

The headboard I can thank the wonderful Boyfriend for. I came up with the idea of a bookcase headboard since we were taking out the nightstand to open up the room. Mom still needed somewhere for her book, glasses, lamp and clock. I think cost all of $30 for wood - we already had the beadboard on hand. I painted the back pieces coral before attaching them to really make them pop.

The lamps were already moms, she just got new lampshades for them. The books were purchased at a library book sale and just match perfectly. The vase was found at Target's clearance and the plate was a gift from a friend. Mom made crochet flowers to go in the vase. She really did a lot in this room! I just helped her put it all together.

The bedspread is also from Target as well as the curtains. I really love their home decor stuff! 

Mom has been making her own jewelry for a while so when I saw tie backs similar to these on pinterest, I wanted her to make her own! She took on the task and ordered beads in the right colors and I just love the way these turned out!!

This is a side table that used to be a typical dark brown. I decided to give it an update as well. Painted it white and edged it in the same coral as the headboard. This is on the other side of the room so it really balances it.

so here is a quick before of the same corner. The headboard was just too heavy for the room. The walls were pink when she moved in and like I said, never painted. The wall with the window was wallpapered when we moved in, and the wall paper was removed many years ago but we never got further than that. 

I will share some more updates of moms room as we finish other little projects like the art.
So mom got all her wishes and a lovely new room :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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KathleenK said...

I love the new look in my room. So much more space. The room is a lot brighter in the Aqua and Coral. All the fur babies are loving it too.