November 26, 2014

The one with 3 simple fall centerpieces

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

I wanted to share some quick and simple fall centerpieces I put together.
Just in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow!
Also, less than a month to Christmas. Ahhhh!!!!

First for my dining area

It started with a nicely shaped bowl I found at a thrift shop for like $3. 

I wasn't a fan of a clear bowl at the time so I spray painted it white.

I got some pine cones at the store 
(the ones that smell so good, like cinnamon at the store and you get them home and they smell like nothing after about 24 hours) and I {of course} spray painted them too! 

I pulled out all the metallic spray paint I have been hording and used all the colors!

(and I thought I was going to do something with the acorns as well - only I think something got into the garage and stole them because I only have about a dozen now of all the colors...  I hope I didn't accidentally poison some poor squirrel with metallic acorns!)

I put pine cones in the bowl and there you have it! Quick and Easy! 

I love the mix of all the metals here.

Also, earlier this month, I was asked to help with some centerpieces and other decor for a retirement party. It was for a male so they didn't want girly flowers, but wanted it to be fall themed. 

We used the mason jars for centerpieces and the terra cotta pots at the food and cake tables. Again, super simple and cheap!

I think these turned out great!

Thanks for stopping by!

November 21, 2014

The one with some scrapbook layouts

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Its a scrapbook day!

I took a week off for my 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago and spent 4 of those days crafting!!
2 days in Michigan at a wonderful Quick Quotes event
1 day with my mom creating some of the items we sold last week
and 1 day with another crafty friend at her house doing whatever I wanted
It was really a great week off
I also spent a day thrift-storing. You will see some of those items get a facelift in the coming weeks :)

So, when I went to my friend's house to spend the day scrapbooking I took a Bo Bunny line called Baby Bump. 
No, I am not pregnant. lol But seriously, check out the line, isn't it adorable?

But as soon as they released the line I just feel in love with the colors and patterns on the paper! I knew I could use it for something other than baby pictures. So instead, I used them for kitty pictures!!

I miss baby Harley!

I figured this one page layout could be the first page in a book all about my Harley.

When the paper is this cute the pages just came together so easily!
I did use a sketch for the first page that if I could find again I would share...

These are all pictures from the first week we had her.

On this layout you also see some Elle's Studio wood veneers that my friend graciously gave me as a present for coming over to scrap for the day! How sweet :)

The background paper for the 2page spread has a pregnant lady in the bottom left corners. Can you see her? Nope! I just really love how versatile this line is! I can't wait to do more pages with it soon

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November 17, 2014

The one about re-doing my Mom's Bedroom

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Earlier this year when I asked my mom what she wanted for her birthday she asked me to help her re-do her bedroom!

How fun!!! I got super excited and we started brainstorming. 

On her wish-list:

~She wanted a new headboard.
Her dressers were still in great condition (and they are older than me!) but her bedframe was cracked and scratched from the dog and needed to go.

~She wanted to paint
No idea what color at this point but the walls hadn't been painted since she moved in 17 years ago!!!!

~She wanted new curtains and a new bedspread
easy enough

We had a $500 budget 
(and ended up going slightly over not counting the new mattress set)

We chose an aqua and coral color pallet (after many other options were discussed) 
and went to work

Say hi to Salem (in the back) and Frank (the fluffy one in the front) 2 of moms 4 furbabies. 

During the process, mom also decided to downgrade from her queen bed to a double. This gave us more space and made the room feel bigger.

Note the 3 nails - There are 3 custom canvas pieces we are creating to go in that space. Along with some other art pieces for the wall. Those will come in another post 
(when we finish them)

The headboard I can thank the wonderful Boyfriend for. I came up with the idea of a bookcase headboard since we were taking out the nightstand to open up the room. Mom still needed somewhere for her book, glasses, lamp and clock. I think cost all of $30 for wood - we already had the beadboard on hand. I painted the back pieces coral before attaching them to really make them pop.

The lamps were already moms, she just got new lampshades for them. The books were purchased at a library book sale and just match perfectly. The vase was found at Target's clearance and the plate was a gift from a friend. Mom made crochet flowers to go in the vase. She really did a lot in this room! I just helped her put it all together.

The bedspread is also from Target as well as the curtains. I really love their home decor stuff! 

Mom has been making her own jewelry for a while so when I saw tie backs similar to these on pinterest, I wanted her to make her own! She took on the task and ordered beads in the right colors and I just love the way these turned out!!

This is a side table that used to be a typical dark brown. I decided to give it an update as well. Painted it white and edged it in the same coral as the headboard. This is on the other side of the room so it really balances it.

so here is a quick before of the same corner. The headboard was just too heavy for the room. The walls were pink when she moved in and like I said, never painted. The wall with the window was wallpapered when we moved in, and the wall paper was removed many years ago but we never got further than that. 

I will share some more updates of moms room as we finish other little projects like the art.
So mom got all her wishes and a lovely new room :)

Thanks for stopping by!

November 14, 2014

The one about gift card holders

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Every year the law firm I work for holds an entrepreneur show. It is for anyone who sells items on the side to showcase them during a 2 hour lunch time. 

My mom and I have sold many items over the years, but our best selling item and therefore what we create every year are gift card holders. Gift cards can be on the impersonal side, but putting them in a handmade holder can really show someone you care!

Here are the designs we have made this year using all kinds of items we both have on hand in our craft stash. We try to get a nice variety every year. 

Who wouldn't love to get a starbucks gift card in a sparkly cup!

That tree is made with straws!

I love the vintage feel of that stocking

Beautiful poinsettia! 

Something's feeling a little frozen with that top left design... ;)

The Noel is cut and multi-layered for a beautiful effect. 

The angel shimmers! 

All designs shown are available for purchase. If you would like to order any, please email Liz at

Gift Card holders are only $1.50 each, 3 for $4.00

Here are some that we designed last year but could also be ordered. 

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November 12, 2014

The one about our Computer Room

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

The Computer Room / The Music Room

Welcome to the place where we tend to spend most of our time. 
Well, until we bought a house and spend more time in the garage doing things for the house

But, someday, we will be back to that so we wanted something with a cozy feeling.

Since The Boyfriend liked the green that was in the kitchen so much, he jumped on the idea when I mentioned bringing the green to this room. 

Also, not a lot of before pictures of what was a very boring room. Although note the second stone fireplace! Score for us!

The color we chose is actually the lightest color on the swatch which is the top lighter one here. The room and its features are pretty dark so it just made the paint look even darker on the walls. Another example of why you should really take the time and buy the little $3 sample and put some color on the walls before you commit to a gallon of a color you end up hating!
I would have gotten the darker one if I chose it in the store. Good thing I didn't!

also, don't mind the mess. I took this right after we were done painting.

So with the green, the stone, the piano, the wood floors and the soon-to-be-installed pallet desk, I was getting a rustic feel and we are going to go with that for the rest of the room. 

I also love that I am going to get to accent this room in copper!
Instead of silver everywhere!
So excited to try out new metals!

ps - the desk is now installed and I can't wait to share soon! (as soon as we get doors on the lower part)

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November 10, 2014

The one with my first furniture refinish attempt

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Today I am sharing with you my first DIY Furniture Refinish. 

Most of the houses the boyfriend and I were oogling at had a dining room or an eat-in area in the kitchen. I knew I wanted a hutch. I had some cute glasses and other items that would need a home where they could shine!

It is at this time I also became obsessed with hunting on craigslist. Like 4 or 5 times a day.
The good stuff goes quick!!

And I found this beauty.

Well, that is the bottom. I forgot to take a before picture of both pieces on top of each other.

I had learned from my other DIY-ers to look at the lines of the piece and not the ugly pulls or color it was at the time. 
So I scored this for only $30!!! and it sat in my living room until we moved. 

Fast forward to after moving and this was one of the first things I wanted to tackle. 

I figured if I screwed it up, I was only out $30 and some paint.

the first coats of white primer go on.

Mike took out the pieces holding the middle piece in place so I could make that into a door!

Thanks to my pinterest obsession, I decided to paint the back of the cabinet a color!
I had a couple of paint samples that we didn't use for the kitchen, so I chose the lighter-than-the-walls color I had on hand. I used 75% of a little sample pot. Perfect :)

Here is the piece minus the side doors in the kitchen.

And here is the hutch {almost} fully finished.
Still have to finish the top middle door, and the items in it have been rearranged about a million times already. 

Wood filler, sanding, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of white and some teal paint, and new hardware later and it really is perfect!!

Notice the decorative finnel-thingys from the front of the doors are gone. They just pulled off with a plastic prybar and I filled the holes. I also sprung for new hinges and door pulls since I moved where they were originally located. 

I am in LOVE!!!!