November 26, 2014

The one with 3 simple fall centerpieces

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

I wanted to share some quick and simple fall centerpieces I put together.
Just in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow!
Also, less than a month to Christmas. Ahhhh!!!!

First for my dining area

It started with a nicely shaped bowl I found at a thrift shop for like $3. 

I wasn't a fan of a clear bowl at the time so I spray painted it white.

I got some pine cones at the store 
(the ones that smell so good, like cinnamon at the store and you get them home and they smell like nothing after about 24 hours) and I {of course} spray painted them too! 

I pulled out all the metallic spray paint I have been hording and used all the colors!

(and I thought I was going to do something with the acorns as well - only I think something got into the garage and stole them because I only have about a dozen now of all the colors...  I hope I didn't accidentally poison some poor squirrel with metallic acorns!)

I put pine cones in the bowl and there you have it! Quick and Easy! 

I love the mix of all the metals here.

Also, earlier this month, I was asked to help with some centerpieces and other decor for a retirement party. It was for a male so they didn't want girly flowers, but wanted it to be fall themed. 

We used the mason jars for centerpieces and the terra cotta pots at the food and cake tables. Again, super simple and cheap!

I think these turned out great!

Thanks for stopping by!


Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Way cute and great ideas Liz! Really love incomes... they are a personal favorite. : )

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Pinecones! Silly phone.. ha

Liz Kennedy said...

Thanks Rhonda! I love them too :)