November 12, 2014

The one about our Computer Room

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

The Computer Room / The Music Room

Welcome to the place where we tend to spend most of our time. 
Well, until we bought a house and spend more time in the garage doing things for the house

But, someday, we will be back to that so we wanted something with a cozy feeling.

Since The Boyfriend liked the green that was in the kitchen so much, he jumped on the idea when I mentioned bringing the green to this room. 

Also, not a lot of before pictures of what was a very boring room. Although note the second stone fireplace! Score for us!

The color we chose is actually the lightest color on the swatch which is the top lighter one here. The room and its features are pretty dark so it just made the paint look even darker on the walls. Another example of why you should really take the time and buy the little $3 sample and put some color on the walls before you commit to a gallon of a color you end up hating!
I would have gotten the darker one if I chose it in the store. Good thing I didn't!

also, don't mind the mess. I took this right after we were done painting.

So with the green, the stone, the piano, the wood floors and the soon-to-be-installed pallet desk, I was getting a rustic feel and we are going to go with that for the rest of the room. 

I also love that I am going to get to accent this room in copper!
Instead of silver everywhere!
So excited to try out new metals!

ps - the desk is now installed and I can't wait to share soon! (as soon as we get doors on the lower part)

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