October 13, 2014

The one about our Living Room

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Our living room. The place with the newest and oldest furniture!
Which makes decorating a little challenging.

also meet our cat Harley-Quinn or just Harley. sitting on the coffee table.

When we moved in, the entry way, upstairs hall and the living room were all tangerine. Yes, tangerine. We found the paint chip, called tangerine. 

So the orange had to go! It really competed with the fireplace which we wanted to be the focal point of the room.

I like cool neutrals = grays
The Boyfriend likes warm neutrals = browns
We met in the middle = greige

The color is called Studio Taupe by Behr.

Next to gray it looks brown and next to brown it looks gray.
It also matches the grout in the fireplace wonderfully.

This is a closeup of the stones. They have mica flecks in them and are just beautiful. Pictures don't do them justice.

I am going for a yellow/gray theme in here. We are transitioning out of a black/red theme so the room is currently having an identity crisis. Here is how it stands today.

I still LOVE this fireplace!

 The red ugly antique chairs are from my dad and used to be my grandparents. I plan to refinish those soon and see if I can make them presentable... Also, can you spot Harley again? :)

You should recognize the lamp and see a slight preview of the kitchen!

The entryway and hall are still orange, but now that the living room isn't, I don't hate the color. Still needs an update, but that may be a project for the spring.

 Along with refinishing the stairs and a new railing.

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Sara Bottomlee said...

Awesome job! Everything looks great. Can't wait to see more!