February 4, 2015

The one with a pallet wood sign

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

This is a project that has been in my head for a long time.

When we got a truck load of pallets to make a desk
(that monster post is still in production)
and there were leftovers, I immediately knew I wanted to make a pallet wood sign for the living room. I had seen a yellow/gray sign at a store with plain pressboard and stenciled letters (boring) that was $70 and knew I could do it cheaper!
How does $10 sound? :) 

I just love the saying and The Fiance will randomly start singing this song so it was perfect.

Here is how I did it.

I used a sawzall and cut apart the long pallet wood.
Used the chopsaw to cut them all to the desired length.
I had some left-over 1x2s from the desk project and attached all the pallet wood to those to hold them together.
Sand all the pieces down to create a semi-smooth surface to paint
FREE (sorry no pictures of this part, it took both of us to safely do this step)

The next thing I should have done was prime it. 
I skipped this since I had paint/primer in one but I ended up using almost the whole sample when I shouldn't have needed to.
But I didn't, so go ahead and do 3 coats of yellow. This is after coat 1.

I do love the color I chose though!

I mocked up the sign in Adobe Illustrator and played with different fonts and placements for weeks until I decided on this one
with a little help from my friends on facebook
I printed it out tiled and taped it together to have a full size version to work with.
The script font is Jenna Sue and the sans serif is Steelfish 

I did the next steps in sections. 
I "colored" the back of the page with chalk

The using a pencil (or I am using the end of my fine tip paint brush) trace around the letters 

You can kind of see here how the chalk transfers to the wood. Its not perfect but when you have the printed version to also work from its pretty good!

And paint! I used just gray $1 acrylic paint I, again, had on hand from another project 
I just love being a craft horder! FREE
The downside - each word needed two coats, so it took a little longer but didn't cost me anything - a win in my book. This is after the first coat and starting in on the second coat on the left side of the "g"

Keep going line by line util all is done!

I wanted to add a little distressing... or.... something.... to give it a little more depth. I decided on a dry brush distress technique.

Again I grabbed paint I had on hand = FREE
This is just typical Behr white eggshell paint and wipe off the brush until its almost dry.

Then brush around the edges. I had a rag on hand in case I got too much in any one spot.
I then did a quick light coat of clear polycrylic just so nothing chips or fades too much over time. 

Hang it and you're done! 
I did have to buy some picture hanging hardware since pallet wood is HEAVY $5
I got wire and eye hooks. 
Also wall anchor and screws that I had on hand = FREE

I really love the way this finishes off the blank wall space between the windows

Definitely one of my favorite and cheapest projects to date!
So $5 for paint and $5 for hardware

Right now I'm skipping right over Valentine's day and going directly to spring! 
Working on some seasonal decor, new pillow cover and of course getting ready for all things DIY wedding!

Come back soon!

January 26, 2015

The one where I make ruffle curtains from flat sheets!

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Its been too long. I know...
But so much good is happening!

I started my final semester at college to get my associates this May (yay!), but it is full time which is new for me so I'm trying to keep it all under control.

On the wedding planning front, things are coming along. 
I got my dress (omg!!), decided on colors, have all my silk flowers, and am collecting things for favors and centerpieces. I have 3 appointments in the next 2 weeks to check out reception venues. 

On the home front things are still progressing. I finished my ruffle curtains around Christmas! Let me tell you about them.

I found the idea from pinterest (of course!) from a post that used it as a headboard but I thought it would bring perfect texture into the living room. 
I mentioned them to the Fiance and he said sure which I was supprised (they are slightly girly)

I knew I wanted white curtains to keep it light and bright in the room. I followed this tutorial for the most part. 

Her tutorial (while very awesome) didn't mention how much she overlapped the ruffles. I wasn't thinking far enough ahead to measure to see how much room I had to play with, I just wanted to get going on the project so I overlapped them by 2 inches.  This is what I would have done differently - I would have overlapped them more. When you get to the top, you can see the line because you are looking up at them. But as long as you stand on the other side of the room it doesn't matter 
so no standing my the windows in my house lol

I started by washing and ironing each sheet. I got my sheets at Walmart for $11.88 each. 
 then fought with Harley since she thought I had this fabric out just for the sole purpose of entertaining her

Lay out each sheet and cut it based on the tutorial. I cut at 12 inches instead of worrying about the 12.25 or whatever the tutorial said. 

I folded the raw edges twice so I wouldn't worry about fraying and hemmed them.

I used a ruler to measure between the ruffles the aforementioned 10 inches, I would suggest only doing it by 8 inches or so if I had to do it over again. 

In the tutorial she goes over how to sew the top ruffle on upside down to flip it over and create the pocket for the rod. I am in love with these!! 

Here is how we normally keep them. You can see our heaters are under the window and by closing the curtains the room gets pretty cold.

On next week's to-share list is my hand painted pallet wood sign!

Happy DIY'ing

January 2, 2015

The one with Christmas Pillows

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

Happy New Year!!

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post. My Fiance put my free time in a tailspin with that engagement!!

But I'm not complaining ;)

There was one Christmas project I didn't get to share with you before the season, but It is good for any time of year.

I found a super easy and quick pillow cover tutorial on pinterest.
Find it here.

I can sew an almost-straight line, and hem stuff and... well that's about it. 
So if this tutorial is so easy that I can follow it, anyone can!!

I got some fabric

and some pillow forms.
I'm sad to admit I actually bought all of this last year, but just got around to making them last month... 
oh the life of a crafter. 

and just followed the tutorial. Here is the after again, in which I add a Harley kitty along with the finished pillows. 

I like the look of the different shapes and sizes all together on the couch

For this one, I just cut triangles with pinking shears and sewed the edges. You can see the sew line a little more clear in person, but since I used green thread, I don't mind. 

Super easy and I love that I will be able to switch them out for the seasons and when I get bored of them. I have lots more ideas of things to do with them.

I have some everyday fabric waiting to get turned into covers, and I am on the hunt for some great spring fabric too!

Thanks for stopping by!

December 24, 2014

The one where I get engaged!

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

OMG its Christmas Eve!!! Are you ready?
Im not! Still some wrapping to do :)

But the real reason I have been quiet is...


My days have been taken up with contacting friends and family and not as much blogging.

I have a Christmas pillow post for you tomorrow and expect some wedding planning posts in the future. You know I will be doing lots of DIY!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!