October 6, 2014

The one with an intro to my Craft Studio

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

While I am still finishing up other projects to share, I wanted to also share some before/after pictures of what changing the paint color can really do for a room!

Yes the before pic is horrible. There was nothing about this room that needed to be 
documented other than it existed.

The room we determined would be my craft studio was this dark, ugly taupe, un-inspiring color. It was the only room I knew 100% what color I wanted before we actually moved in.
It is also the only room (other than an addition) that has carpet... not ideal for the craft room but I wanted the bigger room :)

I had a purple craft room at the apartment and LOVED it. It was nice and bright and fun which was the attitude I wanted while I was working in there. 

But I didn't want the same exact color again.

Enter "Charm" by Behr

It is the perfect "adult" purple in my opinion. This was also our first attempt at painting without taping. I learned a lot about having the right brush and how to cut-in properly. After going around the ceiling 3 times touching up my line, I felt like a pro!

Its really not hard as long as you go slow at first and practice. Everything I read online also said to still tape the baseboard. I don't know if I do something wrong when I tape, but paint always gets underneath it and this time was no exception. So this was also our last time taping the baseboard.

The furniture that goes in this room is all very mis-matched so they will all got some re-doing before entering my charmed oasis. Here is a quick preview:

white shelves!!

Look for more finished Craft Studio details in posts to come!

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June said...

Now that you're such a pro at painting a craft room, you can come and do mine...Benefits you'll receive is lots of fun, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if necessary), scrappy time with a friend, and making a bla area look spectacular...

Liz Kennedy said...

I'm in! We will have to plan something for after the first of the year but I would love to help freshen up your room! :)