December 1, 2014

The one with a craft room update

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Time to share a {very messy} craft room update!

As I mentioned in a previous post I am giving all the furniture in my craft studio a face lift (like everything else in my house!) 

I decided to make everything white! It is an easy color that will go with anything 
{should I decide down the road that I hate purple, but I don't see that happening}

The drawers looked like this to start:
Typical multicolored Joann Fabric's storage drawers

I laid everything out in the garage
(and you can see the last set of yellow shelves that need painted white here)

and sprayed!!

I used the same spray paint I used here to spray paint a glass bowl.

I did the inside, the sides and the front. I left the bottom colored since you don't see it and I was trying to get away without having to buy more spray paint 
I did a double coat on everything to really cover the color so I went though almost 4 cans

Please excuse the mess you are about to see! I have been trying to work on projects while still finishing up the rest of the storage for this room. So not everything has a home yet.

Here are the drawers in the room. I am loving how well everything looks white!
The taller drawers are in their final home. 
The short drawers go in another corner that is currently filled with mess. 

This corner is where the shower drawers will go. Above them will go white floating shelves.

You can also see hints of {at least} 3 projects you will see on the blog sometime soon in this picture. :)

I am also still deciding on what size table I want to put in the room so I am currently working on a folding table - which I feel is just adding to the general feeling of mess. But it is at least something for me to use until I figure it out. Any suggestions to help me in that process?

Thanks for stopping by!

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