December 12, 2014

The one with a Christmas Tradition

Welcome back fellow DIY-ers!!

With less than 2 weeks to Christmas I am starting to look forward to the events coming up.
If I survive this finals week.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is exchanging ornaments.

My parents started getting {at least} one ornament for me every year since I was born and they kept a list of which ornament was received each year. 
I have carried the tradition on with The Boyfriend and continue to do it with my Mom.

My family also does an ornament exchange instead of exchanging presents. Everyone brings one ornament already wrapped up. We put them in a big pile in the middle of the room and we start picking one by one {youngest first}. The fun part is that you can "steal" someone else's ornament if you really like it, instead of picking a new one from the pile. We have been doing this for years and its really fun. So everyone leaves with a new ornament for their tree :)
And I am hosting the ornament exchange at our new house for the first time. 
I am so excited. Lots of pictures to come!!

So when this Teresa Collins December daily album showed up on a deal-a-day site for half off, I immediately knew I wanted to do an album about all of my ornaments.

I have a page for each years ornaments, and anything I remembered about them from way back. I sat down with my mom for my early years to see what she remembered. 

Its getting pretty thick!

The first page has a picture of the tree I decorate every year {that was my Grandma's}, and all my ornaments put out on my coffee table when I was getting ready to take all the pictures. There are multiple layers there. They don't all fit on my small tree. 

I have through 1999 done. I still have to add the years and add some embellishments to the rest of the pages. I hope to have this done before my family comes for Christmas so they can see how important our traditions are to me. 

It will definitely be one that I continue to do and will pass along to my children someday.

What is your favorite tradition?

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Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

I love it!!! I started doing this for myself in college with Hallmark ornaments. Each year I get one that symbolizes a really special part of that year.

Now I get one each year for the boys and it's so much fun. I love looking at them every year.

Love your idea of celebrating them in a book like this!