September 29, 2014

The one with the Welcome message

Hello fellow DIY-ers!!

Welcome to my DIY blog - furniture, home decor, scrapbook, card making, or whatever else I get myself into

My obsession started in Spring 2014 when my boyfriend and I decided to buy a house.
Here is a little preview of our place. We absolutely love it!
You will notice I love many many things. 
If you don't love it, why share it?

We had a small apartment filled to the brim with stuff. Mostly hand me downs or other really random pieces that didn't go with anything else.
(minus the couch, coffee table, and tv).

I had a vision for our new place before we even found the house but new we could never afford all new things. So then my new hobby became the home decor section of pinterest. Oh my! So many awesome blogs and ideas out there to show me I could do this on a small budget! 

My fav being LiveLoveDIY. I love that she started blind and just tried different things until they worked. That's exactly where I am! Although I have already learned so many things from her blog.
Seriously check her out!

So on my blog you can expect to find all kinds of different projects. 
Furniture Refinishing
DIY Home Decor
Furniture Building
Paper Crafts
Graphic Design Projects

You're basically going to get a tour through my new house and join me in finishing up my graphic design degree. 

I will share some room tours in individual posts to come. I'll be updating about once a week. So stop by often or subscribe in the box to the right. :)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my DIY Journey!

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